Monday, May 1, 2017

Persecution By Antichrist

Down through the ages Christians have wondered, who will be the dreaded Antichrist? The question should be not who, but what is the Antichrist?  In a previous commentary posted 11/15/2015 entitled "Satanic Religion" we discussed the attributes of Islam, a death cult belief system consuming adherents with envy and hatred of Jews and Christians. In a later posting on 11/5/2015 entitled "Daniel's Prophecies And ISIS" we looked at ISIS and it's activities in the Mid-East close to the Israeli border and how it appears to be the second half of a bible prophecy in the works. And again on 1/23/2016 in a commentary entitled "Western Civilization Under Siege" we note how the gates of hell have been opened on Europe and the West as hundreds of thousands of angry displaced Moslems have been unleashed and are flooding across the European continent, many of whom are Jihadist terrorists intent on supplanting Western Civilization by the establishment of a world dominating Islamic Caliphate committed to the obliteration of Judaism and Christianity from the face of the earth.

We are thankful for permission to post this film which is not intended as an endorsement of Joshuastone-whatis by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. Please watch it with an open mind and heart.

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